Mutt's Sauce

IT TOOK US 7 YEARS to decide on what flavors to introduce in our spice line. These spices are unique because when paired with Mutt's Sauce, you can create three LIMITED EDITION flavors. We are proud to present:

BERBERE SPICE BLEND: Berbere is a key ingredient in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines.  We made a small batch for an event and it was a big hit. Now you can make your own by mixing it with your favorite flavor of Mutt's Sauce.  

ONION PEPPER: Onion Pepper is the perfect match up with Mutt's Sauce to enhance the other sauce flavors while bringing in a subtle heat.  Add as much as you like to meals like stir fry or crockpot chicken.

GARLIC GHOST PEPPER: We promised that our sauces wouldn't hurt, but we didn't say anything about the spices.  This is the most savory feeling of pain you will ever experience. We will leave the experience up to you.  Bhut Jolokia, commonly known as ghost pepper, is one of the hottest peppers in the world!

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