Our mission at Mutt's Sauce is to bring American families together, one bottle of sauce at a time. We are humbled that you want to join us on this mission. 

Fast delivery

Once you order online, our goal is to deliver within 1 week.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting a Veteran, Minority, Woman Owned Small Business

Online support

Email us at to get set up as a wholesaler.



Contact us. We can provide a link to our wholesale price list. The only flavor we do not wholesale is Bourbon.

What are your best sellers?

Original and Sweet N Spicy have both done equally well in wholesale. We recommend you order a sample pack first to help with your decision.

how many bottles are in a case?

12 Bottles come in each case.

what is the suggested retail price?

Our recommended retail price is between $4.99-$6.00

does it contain any allergens?

Yes. Unlike barbecue, we don't use brown sugar or molasses. We use soy sauce. For this reason, Original, Sweet N Spicy, and Ghost Pepper contain gluten and soy. The Gluten Free bottle uses Tamari instead of soy sauce.

What is the product shelf life?

Mutt's Sauce in its unopened state, has a two year shelf life. Once opened, you have one year to safely consume it. Do not sell any sauce bottles that may have a broken lid. Inform us, and we will replace it. The preservative in Mutt's Sauce is vinegar. The sauce separates on the shelf like Italian dressing because we do not use xantham gum as an additive.

Do you have marketing material we can use?

Yes. Coming Soon.

do you have grocery displays?

Yes. Coming soon.





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